Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Written by C. Nathaniel Richardson
Consultant:  Alex Beeby

Jed Allan as CC Capwell

Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell

CC walks into his brightly lit bedroom wearing a gray silk robe.  He looks over at Sophia, who is sitting up in the bed with her legs underneath the covers.

CC:  What do you got there?
SOPHIA:  You know what this is.
CC:  That tablet thingy?
SOPHIA:  Yesss.
CC:  Do you have to look on that tablet now?
SOPHIA:  Well I was just thinking tonight.  How much we have to be grateful for in our lives.
CC:  That’s wonderful darlin’, but can we look at it tomorrow?  I’m tired.
SOPHIA:  Oh Come on CC, I have something I want you to look at. 

CC walks over to the bed, slips off his slippers, takes off his robe, and crawls in next to Sophia, who is wearing an off white nightgown.

SOPHIA:  Come on CC.  Just look at some pictures with me.
CC:  Do I get a…reward afterwards.
SOPHIA:  If you behave now come on.


SOPHIA swipes to the right to a picture.

CC:  Adriana? 
SOPHIA:  Isn’t she beautiful?
CC:  She’s a perfect combination of her parents.
SOPHIA:  Cruz’s strength.
CC:  And…Eden’s beauty.
SOPHIA:  I wish Eden were…here to see what a great young woman our granddaughter has become.
Earlier that evening….

Camila Banus as Adriana Castillo
Matthew Atkinson as Walker Lockridge
 ADRIANA CASTILLO and Walker walks up the door of  beach house.  He is wearing a green polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.   Adriana is wearing a pink blouse, blue jeans, and sneakers.  She drapes her purse along on her right shoulder, and looks into Walker’s eyes as he puts his arms around her waist.

ADRIANA:  I had a great time.
WALKER:  Me, too.  It would have been better if you didn’t jump during that scene in the house.
ADRIANA:  Oh come on.  That’s what people do at horror movies.
WALKER:  They don’t do this.

This “guy” and Adriana each lean in and French kiss each other.

WALKER:  I wish I could come in.
ADRIANA:  I do, too, but not with my dad in there.
WALKER:  Of course not.  Have a good night.
ADRIANA:  I love you.
WALKER:  Love you, too.

A Martinez as Cruz Castillo
CRUZ CASTILLO opens the door.

ADRIANA:  Daaaad!
CRUZ:  Nice to see you, too dear.  Walker.
WALKER:  Hi Mr. Castillo.
CRUZ:  Hope you were you being good to my daughter.
WALKER:  Always.  Adriana’s…one of a kind.
CRUZ:  Yeah. 
WALKER:  Well I guess I’ll be…going.
ADRIANA:  I’m sorry.
CRUZ:  For what?
ADRIANA:  Because my dad totally embarrassed me!
CRUZ:  Adriana…

Adriana walks into the house and Cruz follows close behind and shuts the door.

ADRIANA:  What were you doing?  Waiting by the door?
CRUZ:  Sorry Adriana I don’t trust the guy.
ADRIANA:  His name is Walker.
CRUZ:  I know his name Walker Lockridge.
ADRIANA:  Well he’s cool and I really like him.
CRUZ:  I get it baby but I don’t know.  I’ve been a cop for a long time.  Something about him is a little off, and I want you to be careful.

Walker takes his cell phone out of his pocket and makes a phone call. 

WALKER:  Hey you.  I’m on my way over.
BACK TO CC and SOPHIA…Sophia swipes to the next photo….

SOPHIA:  Philip.
CC:  Yess my pride and joy.  It’s fun grooming him in the company way.
SOPHIA:  Oh here we go.  Ted and Lilly did a great job co-parenting him.
CC:  He obviously inherited his business ambition from his granddad.   Certainly not from his father.
SOPHIA:  Ted always wanted to go his own way. 
CC:  Yes I respect him for that, but he never really wanted anything to do with the family business.   Philip did. 
SOPHIA:  There’s only one problem with that.
CC:  And what do you suppose that is?
SOPHIA:  You’ve given a lot of power to Brandon.
CC:  I want both of them to co-run the company eventually.  They’re both capable.
SOPHIA:  CC you know they’re having a hard time co-exisiting.
CC:  I left Brandon in charge for a reason. 
Brandon Beemer as Brandon Capwell
Spencer Neville as Philip Capwell
Earlier in the day…

PHILIP is at his desk on the landline phone.  Philip is wearing a gray suit vest, white shirt, black tie, tan pants and tan shoes.

PHILIP:  Mr. Suzuki he hasn’t decided on the offer I made you.  He said he’s making his decision today.   When he approves it, I’ll let you know.  I’ll talk to him.

BRANDON (Brandon Beemer) walks in the office, dressed in a black business suit, white shirt, tie and and black shoes.

BRANDON:  Who was that?
PHILIP:  That was Mr. Suzuki for the Tokyo Hotel chain. 
PHILIP:  How could you do that?  Granddad said I could be the one to make the deal.
BRANDON:  He’s trying to lowball us.  This is a major acquisition Phil.

PHILIP rises from his office chair.

PHILIP:  Don’t you think I know that?
BRANDON:  No I don’t think  you do.  Have you even looked at the debt ratio that they have?  The costs of running the chain.  The employees we will have to pay; utilities; linens; food.  Those costs have to be covered before we make him a counteroffer.  He wants us to pay his debts and I don’t think we should do that.
PHILIP:  So you’re…not approving the offer I made him.
BRANDON:   It’s extremely cost prohibitive.  
PHILIP:  They have a large customer base that frequent the hotels.
BRANDON:  We need new customers.  We need a fresh new base to bring in the money so we can expand.  Let me guess you didn’t think about the advertising costs of that either.
PHILIP:  So once again, big bad Brandon snuffs out a deal that I propose.
BRANDON:  You don’t think Philip.  You have to weigh all the costs.
PHILIP:  When are you gonna let me do something for once?  Granddad said that he specifically wanted me to negotiate with the Suzukis.
BRANDON:  The answer’s no. 
PHILIP:  Who the hell do you think you are? 
BRANDON:  Dad left me in charge.
PHILIP:  Dad?  You’re dad’s dead right?  Channing?
BRANDON:  Oh so you’re gonna pull the ‘I’m not a real Capwell’ card?  It’s gettin’ old Phil!  CC left me in charge.  It’s time you get used to it.

BRANDON walks out of the office and PHILIP seethes.

PHILIP:  I gotta find a way to get you out of this company Brandon.
CC:  Philip is a spitfire.  Kid’s got a lot of passion, but he can be misguided.  Brandon’s more level headed.
SOPHIA:  You know he’s turned out great even after everything he went through as a kid.  All the lies he was told.  The constant tug of war he was in between Gina and Santana.
CC:  Kid’s turned out great.

Sophia swipes to the right again to the next photo, and CC’s mood changes a bit.

CC:  What?
SOPHIA:  I know what you’re thinking. 
CC:  About Michael?  What do you think I’m thinking?
SOPHIA:  That you wish he weren’t gay.
CC:  You’re…you’re wrong.
SOPHIA:  Oh no I’m right.  You were the same way when you found out that Channing was gay.
CC:  Oh come on Sophia.  It’s unnatural.  Look at him!  He’s a good lookin’ kid!  How are we supposed to carry on the Capwell legacy if he wants lie down with men?
SOPHIA:  He is Kelly and Connor’s son and like it or not, he is our grandson and we love him.
CC:  Are you insinuating that I don’t love him?
SOPHIA:  I’m saying that you need to accept him for who he is.  He did not ask to be that way.
CC:  It’s a choice Sophia!  He chooses to be gay.
SOPHIA:  He chose to live his life and his own happiness and I applaud him for it.  He stands up against attitudes like yours.  He is independent; he is strong, and it’s time you starting supporting him.

Chandler Massey as Michael McCabe

MICHAEL McCABE lies in the bed under the blanket draped completely over his body when someone knocks on the door.

MICHAEL:  Come in.

The person walks in and shuts the door.

MICHAEL:  I thought you’d never get here. 

The person who came in is Walker Lockridge.
WALKER:  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Michael throws the blanket off of him, and he is only wearing bikini underwear, and Walker is all smiles.

Walker jumps in the bed and they both start kissing passionately.